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Reliable Tire Services in Overland Park, KS

Eilenberger’s Automotive is a clean, friendly, and dependable repair shop in Overland Park, KS. No matter what issues your car might experience, we can fix those issues with targeted solutions. For example, if you lose or burst a tire on the road, we can help you repair or replace it, even if you have unique or specialized tires.

In addition to our tire services, we offer personalized cheerfulness and professionalism when you visit us. We aren’t just your mechanic—we also want to make your experience with us as comfortable and pleasant as possible. To help with this, we offer new customer specials and seasonal specials, along with high-quality tire repair and replacement.


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When we repair or replace your tires, we do so carefully. We don’t just give you the closest tire match we can find—we give you the correct tire for your car, and we do so in a reasonable and efficient timeframe.

We achieve these high-quality tire services by evaluating your experience with your car and combining that with our specialized knowledge about cars and tires. We include you in the consultation process; and because we talk to you, we can even suggest better tires that accommodate your driving habits. Additionally, we’ll mount your tires using the industry’s most advanced machines to protect your wheels and the entire car.

At Eilenberger’s Automotive location in Overland Park, KS, we also perform tire repair. We only give you the safest and most reliable tire patches by using a one-piece plug. We believe that only this method gives you the lasting repairs you deserve.

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Our tire services also include rotation, match mount, and monster mudder tire sales. For more information about these services, call our location in Overland Park, KS
at (913) 648-3767 today.

As a driver, you deserve first class service and knowledge from an expert. At Eilenberger’s Automotive, we practice the perfect blend of both. Whether your car has broken down and you need a repair, you need routine maintenance, or you need a thorough vehicle check before a long drive, you are safe with us and our warranty!


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